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Put our team to work for you!


Period film production is one of our specialties. Whether for documentaries, interpretive museum footage, or the big screen, we are capable of filling your art department and wardrobe needs! Call us today to discuss your next project!

Reenactor Extras

Do you need extras for your next upcoming scene? We operate as agents for hundreds of reenactors of the highest quality, juried and vetted by our historical experts from historical periods ranging from the 1750's through 1870's. Let us find you the BEST quality reenactors! Why spend more on cheap background wardrobe when you can have top-quality, plug-n-play cast with ALL the right gear!

Wardrobe Rental


Our first love was making period costume and wardrobe! Since 2005 we have been making top-quality, research-based historical clothing for reenactors, museums, and film companies. We can make custom clothing for your principal cast, or choose from our ample supply of historical clothing available for rent. Don't cheapen your project with poor-quality costumes. Depend on us for authentic historical wardrobe for your next period film!

Props and Sets


We have many difficult to find props, and in many cases, plenty of them! Do you need stacks of barrels, trade bales, and crates? We've got it! How about a horse-drawn carriage? Need a wooden boat? How about a cannon? Yep! We've got those too! Need two dozen ladder-back chairs? Sure! We can help fill out any scene, plus we offer full-scale setbuilding and we can even offer fantastic locations for your next film! We can also deliver ANYTHING to your location of choice!

Historical Consulting


We can also offer expert material culture consulting for your next project. Do you know the difference between a teapot, a coffeepot, and a whale oil can? To the untrained eye, they can all look the same, but our experts know the difference and can prevent an embarrasing mistake in post-production! Let us handle the difficult historical details so you can get on with making art happen!

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