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About Us

Bringing the Early 20th Century to life!

Logsdon & Co. is a family business... well, it's really just one guy, who's family sometimes helps out and enjoys the trips to historic sites that get written off as "business research"! 

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Our Story


My name is Nathanael Logsdon. My wife, Andrea, and I started producing reproduction clothing and accessories for various time periods in 2005. Since then, we have experienced many of the ups and downs and first-hand education that comes with owning your own business. For a while, we were full-time on the road vendors for the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 periods. In 2020, that all changed. Partly, it was because we had just bought our dream farm with 66 acres nestled in the hills of the Hoosier National Forest. The other part was because all the events shut down for that year and that income source dried up. For a while, we mostly sold off remaining stock online and got "normal" jobs. 

In 2021, I started a YouTube channel focusing on my love of re-creating the golden age of camping, sporting, and automobiling in the early 20th century. The show, featuring pre-1930s camping gear, clothes, and old cars became an immediate hit, much to my surprise. As things took off, I became inundated with questions about where to buy gear for doing this sort of re-creation. Initially, I was using mostly original gear or things I had made, so I didn't have a great answer. Eventually, it clicked with me that there was a need, and I knew how to fulfill it. I began to reconnect with old suppliers, and some new ones, and began seeking out and creating products that were otherwise not available. 

Today, while I still work a regular job, I have rebuilt some of what we had before 2020 with this new 20th century venture. I hope you enjoy our website, our reproductions, and our YouTube channel. It is all a labor of love, and it pays for the kids' music lessons and trips in the Model T to get ice cream. I'm not running a big business here, but more a resource to further the hobby. Thanks for supporting this, and for reading all the way to the end! 

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