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Wool Felt "Motor Campers" Car/Tent Pennant

Wool Felt "Motor Campers" Car/Tent Pennant


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Show off your hobby! In the book, "Motor Camping on Western Trails" (1923) Melville Ferguson refers to the mass of people taking their cars out for camping adventures as the "Amalgamated Order Of Motor Campers". This unofficial name for an unofficial club perfectly fits as well today as it did then. Motor camping brings all walks of life together for one purpose. Pennants were popular decorations for cars and camps in the early 20th century. Our version is made of a wool/rayon felt blend with colorfast dye. Lettering is applied with a durable DTF transfer that will last a very long time! Durable cotton twill is double stitched down the leading edge. There are short ties to attach it to a spare tire spoke, or you can run a dowel rod through the center of the leader. These are made in the USA. Approx 27" long and 7" wide.

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