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Men's Wool Hunting/Sporting/Work Shirt 1910-1930

Men's Wool Hunting/Sporting/Work Shirt 1910-1930


Our rugged, heavy-duty, comfortable, and warm pullover shirts are just the thing to keep you going on the hunt or in camp! They also make excellent winter work shirts. These shirts have a pocket flaps on top of the chest pockets, making them a little later period than our cotton work shirts, but better for activities where you need to make sure stuff stays in your pocket! Appropriate for periods from 1910-1935. 100% wool, winter weight. Available in Heather Gray, Forest Green, or Rust. Sizes are accurate to US sizing. Note: gray color has 4 buttons on neckline, whereas rust and green have 3.

  • Sizing notes:

    For those of you who may have had issues with the fit of the cotton work shirts, please note that we have adjusted the pattern to allow more room in the underarm and sleeve length areas. Sometimes, an original pattern has to be adjusted to more comfortably fit a modern frame, and that is what we have done here. As always, our commitment is to quality and authenticity!

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