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1878-1920 Fuelless Tinder Lighter "Smoker's Companion"

1878-1920 Fuelless Tinder Lighter "Smoker's Companion"


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Popular in the trenches during WWI, and among sportsmen and outdoors enthusiasts throughout the early 20th Century, this handy lighter requires no fuel, using only a thumb sparking mechanism and charred cotton cordage. The cordage must be pre-charred before the first use, using a match or other ignition source. After that, operation is simple. Grip the silver ball and pull the cordage out until the charred tip is level with the bottom of the sparking wheel. Spin the wheel and a glowing ember will soon appear on the charred end. Blow lightly to achieve a glowing coal. With this, you can light your pipe, or ignite tinder for a fire. To extinguish, simply pull the bottom of the cordage until the ball seats in the brass tube. As the cordage is slowly consumed, simply readjust the hook and chain attached to the silver ball for more cordage.

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