Handmade Sailor's Hemp Ditty Bag

Handmade Sailor's Hemp Ditty Bag

Carry your sailor gear in a proper, shipshape fashion! This entirely handsewn, hand-knotted ditty bag is made from 21 ounce hemp Russia sheeting canvas and Egyptian cotton rope and it's sewn with linen thread. The handle is knotted with a three-strand plait, two Matthew Walker knots, and a long crown sennit. It is finished off with a Turk's head knot, shellacked and painted to make a sliding bead to open or close the bag. All the stitching is double-stitched and features lovely hand-worked eyelets. All you need to do to finish this bag in the perfect style is to add your initials and/or ship name to the bag! We can embroider or paint your details on the bag for an additional fee.
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