1807 Liberty Bust $10 Gold Piece Replica

1807 Liberty Bust $10 Gold Piece Replica

A perfect replica of an original 1807 Liberty Bust Gold Ten Dollar Piece. By no means small change, this important coin would be valuable cash money and could be used in the East, say in Boston, to purchase a fancy meal or a fine tool, even a used fowling gun! On the frontier, however, this could easily buy you several acres of land, so every frontiersman should have one of these sewn to the inside of his coat and every longhunter just returned from a hunting trip should have a tidy little stack of these coins, freshly received from selling his hides. Also perfect for the high-roller dandy at the gambling tables! This coin is die-struck in solid brass for a completely authentic appearance that won't wear off! (We recommend Brasso to keep them looking shiny as the brass will tarnish and look less like gold over time.) Coin is stamped with a discrete "COPY" mark as per numismatic federal law. Please note that the coin is pictured with a modern quarter for size comparison, which is not included. 

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