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Historically-Inspired Outbuildings

In addition to our many great offerings, we can also build your own custom historically-inspired outbuilding. We only offer these in the Louisville, KY/Southern Indiana area right now, however, in the future, we may be able to do farther-away projects. Unlike mass-produced, pre-fabricated sheds, our buildings are built like a house and are meant to last. If properly maintained, they will last many, many years, even generations. Our buildings are fully customizable and will be created to suit your needs and built on your location. Please call or e-mail with your specific requirements for a detailed price quote and suggestions to make your building exactly what you want and need!

Farm Structures

From 100 sq ft to 500 sq ft, we can build your dream studio workshop! Built to meet or exceed all building codes, our small workshops are made to last! You can choose any style you prefer, including Elizabethan, Georgian, Greek Revival, Frontier American, Queen Anne, Craftsman, or a fantasy design of your imagination! Buildings can be covered with anything from affordable plywood paneling, to authentic wood siding, to brick and stone veneer, depending on your budget! Workshops start at $5,000 and up depending on size, complexity, and materials. These structures can also be insulated and run for electric and water if desired. Local building codes and permits may apply.

Garden Buildings

Historic chicken houses, pigstyes, firewood sheds, springhouses, bake ovens, blacksmith shops, and much more! We can also build historic fences to bring your classic farm to life! Some types of structures can cost as little as $500. Contact us for your personal quote today! We will build to suit, and we can advise you on outbuilding styles that will fit your home and farm, whether it's an Early American log cabin, or a Golden Age farmhouse! Not only do our buildings look the part, they are also built with functionality in mind! We have extensive understanding of historic farming techniques, so you can rest assured that your building will do what you need it to do!

Interior Design

In addition to creating the perfect building, we can also finish the building to your needs and desires! If you're looking for an historic structure to use for parties, reenacting, or just to hang out in and you want it to look the part inside as well as outside, we can create an authentic interior to any level you want! We can even fully furnish the building with historically appropriate furniture and props! From a bare-stud workshop, to a turn-key 18th century tavern, we can create anything you wish!


Need a place to keep your tools? Does it need to house a mower? Or do you just require a tiny potting shed for your garden? We can make a variety of traditional garden sheds to fit your needs. We can also build "follies", popular nineteeth century garden structures, generally in a Greco-Romanesque style, which not only look great, but are wonderful centerpieces to your gardens for cookouts, parties, or beside a pool!

The Process:

Once you send us your requirements, we'll send you a quote. When you are satisfied with the design and price, we'll begin construction of certain elements of your building at our shop. When most of the tricky bits are ready, we'll move the materials to your location and begin the assembly. Most of our buildings are small enough that they do not require a foundation, so they are usually set on leveled railroad ties. For larger buildings, pylons or poured foundations may be necessary. Once the foundation is set, the building goes up pretty fast! Below are pictures of a woodshed being constructed. This project took about two weeks. A woodshed like this one costs about $3,500. Often we try to use architectural salvage and recycled materials, which not only saves money, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly! Those savings will be passed on to the customer and often you'll find that your building will have unique historical elements that are over 100 years old! If you have an existing shed that you wish to replace, we will remove that for you for a reasonable rate, with credit applied for any materials that we can re-use for one of our projects!

What can we do? Anything!!


Building Styles: Classical, Medieval, Rennaisance, Elizabethan, Mission, Jacobean, Georgian, Rustic, Federal, Frontier, Greek Revival, Italianate, Gothic, Golden Era/Edwardian, Craftsman, Fantasy, and anything else you imagine!


Design Elements: Gabled roof, Gambrel roof, Hip roof, Pyramid roof, Loft Dormers, Porches, Cupola, Tower, Columns, Bay Windows, Staircases, Gingerbread, Foundation Skirting, and whatever your dreams desire!

Here's what we need from you!

To request a quote, please send us the following information:

1) Size of building: (ex. 8'x12', or 12'x16' with loft)


2) Purpose of building: (ex. workshop, woodshed, guest cottage)


3) Preferred budget range: (This allows us to advise you regarding cheaper materials, or upgrades that will fit your budget.)*


4) Preferred exterior sheathing: (ex. plywood paneling, beaded pine paneling, wood siding, barn-style sheathing, brick or stone veneer)


5) Preferred roofing material: (ex. metal, asphalt shingle, cedar shake) **


6) Additional architectural elements: (ex. cuploa on top, porch on front/side, lean-to awning, loft, stairs, fence, gingerbread)


7) Additional finishing: (ex. electrical wiring, water lines/fixtures, insulation, drywall, stovepipe) ***


8) Number and size of doors: (ex. 1 standard door in side and a large pair of carriage doors in the end.)


9) Number of windows: (ex. 4 windows and a vent in the loft)


10) Painting style: (ex. painted, brightwork, painted lady, Penn Dutch) ****



* While we will try to keep the project below your preferred budget, your request must be reasonable and within the realm of possibility for the size project you require. In many cases we can reduce costs by using recycled and salvage materials, which in turn makes your building more unique and enviromentally friendly.

** Metal roofing is cheapest and will last the longest, generally 70 years. Asphalt shingles are an affordable substitute for cedar shakes and will last 30-40 years. Cedar shakes will cost the most, however they are the most historically accurate choice for period buildings and are the most attractive roof you can buy. If properly installed (and we do install them properly!) they will last 50-70 years, providing there are no trees directly overhead. 

*** We do not install sub-boxes to connect your building to your existing electrical service. For that, you'll need to hire an electrician. We will, however, make sure that your building is safely wired to code and ready to be connected to your existing service. Same way with water. Connecting it to your home line is your responsibility, but we can make sure it's ready to connect. Please check with your insurance company regarding wood stoves. We are happy to install approved stovepipes, heat shields, etc, but we can't be responsible for your homeowner's insurance accepting or rejecting it.

**** You are welcome to ask us for advice regarding appropriate paint or finish for your building. Painting regularly helps preserve the life of your building and keep it looking fresh. We prefer to use oil-based paints for longevity. For an early-period style building, or something more primitive, or a Craftsman-period style building, you may prefer a stain and varnish or "brightwork". Often this will require a higher quality of wood, so keep that in mind when you're figuring in expense. In the event that you choose a Queen Anne style building, or something with a lot of gingerbread, you may wish to have it custom-painted as a "Painted Lady" using multiple colors in a pattern. This will obviously cost more due to the time involved in painting it. If you would like traditional hex symbols on your Pennsylvania-style barn or shed, we can do that too! Just tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen!



E-mail these details to us HERE and we'll get back to you with an estimated cost! 


More pictures of our work:

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